E10: His Butler, Fulfilling His Duty


Awww, they were so adorable and innocent here.

It was nice to see a bit more of Joker and the others, but it also made their deaths that much sadder.  All they really wanted was to get out of the gutters and live like normal people. It all went so wrong so fast.  It reminded me of Fullmetal Alchemist a bit.

What really killed me though was when Ciel found out that the place they had been working so hard to protect had been gone for years.  It’s like “Hey Ciel, need some salt for that wound?”


Ultimately, I think humanity just fails him every time which is why he has stopped believing in it.  Even worse, he realizes he is very similar to the same type of scum he can’t stand.  A lot of times since I’m always around sane people with morals, I forget that there are people out there who are crazy, who lack morals, who laugh at/feed off of the pain of others, etc.  There are inhumane humans, and yet they’re made of exactly the same stuff I am.  It’s disturbing.  

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