E12: Swim-Off in a Foreign Land


The English in this episode just threw me off so much, especially since it was mixed in with Japanese.  I still needed the subtitles in some cases though because my ears were just so confused…


I figured something like this happened last time Rin was in Australia.  It reminds me of the movie “Gotta Kick It Up” when the coach went to a school to study dance, but then got intimidated by seeing how much better all of her classmates were and then quit.  But it’s a very real thing.  When you’re always in an environment where you’re the best, it’s hard to handle not being on top, especially in an unfamiliar country on top of that.  

But with great despair comes great comic relief:


And even greater fan service:


But if there’s anything we learned from this journey, it’s how much Haru means to Rin.  Haru has always been what’s led Rin forward, and now Rin figures it’s his turn to return the favor.  It seems like it’s paid off.


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