E13: The Eternal Summer of Beginnings


I thought I prepared my body properly, but it was just not ready for these feels! 

I’m glad that Haru decided to swim for his own sake and not just because Rin and other people wanted him to.  This episode, you could really see the change in him.  He was smiling a lot more, and being honest and talking more.  He’s really come a long way from season one Haru.


Makoto’s always been supportive of Haru, so it was cute to see it the other way around.  I pretty much figured Makoto would do something teaching-related as soon as that episode where he helped out those kids came out.  He seemed really into it then.  


I understand Rin wants Sousuke to be happy, and to re-enter the swim world.  But at the same time, after wrecking his shoulder and fixing it so many times, I really think that once he fixes it this time he should just coach.  After all, he was great with Rei and Ai. 

Speaking of Ai, congrats on becoming the new captain!


And as for the Iwatobi club, they finally managed to recruit some new members.


Oh Gou….she just can’t help it.

And of course Makoto is studying hard:


Then these two:


Some things just never change.  I truly enjoyed this series…even if I went through 60,000 boxes of tissue while watching it.

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