E7: His Butler, Careful Tending


You know it’s bad when even the villain can’t stomach what he’s doing.  

Seriously though, what kind of sick person is this Father of his, Kelvin?  Then again, usually anyone going by “Father” in an anime isn’t much of a fatherly figure.  But I definitely didn’t expect it to go this way.  The end didn’t make it any better either.  Hopefully we’ll get a better look into Ciel’s past next episode though, because I can’t remember if they went too deeply into it in Black Butler I or II, it’s been a while since I watched.


But there were some good points in this episode too.  For one, thanks to Soma and Agni Sebastian is learning to consider Ciel’s health.  It was hilarious when he tried to spoil him.  Of course Ciel was more disgusted than grateful.  Sebastian can spoil me any time though.  Any time. 


Also, just for the record, I think Doll is a good reverse trap.  No matter how many times I look at her, if she’s not in her stage costume, I can’t tell she’s a girl.  But don’t get me wrong, she’s adorable. 

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