E8: His Butler, Sneering


Well, I guess we agree on one thing.

Villains like Kelvin are the ones that tend to disgust me the most.  He’s so creepy, and his unhealthy obsession with the Phantomhives just makes me cringe.  I mean, at some level, I get it.  There are some people in life we admire so much that we wish were able to be around them or be like them.  And it hurts to be cast aside by those people.  Sometimes it makes you feel like you’re not good enough to be around those people, or that you’re not good enough period. But in those cases it’s most important to love yourself for who you are and find others who will do the same.  It does not mean that you should change yourself to suit others’ tastes, start a circus of kidnappers, and use the death of children as entertainment during dinner says the girl eating a salad as she thoroughly enjoys watching Mey Rin put a bullet in Wendy. Seriously though, this entire situation is just tragic.  

On another note, I forgot Sebastian was supposed to look like Vincent.  I can’t decide which one I like more, and I’m not going to.


Also, Sebastian’s not the only one who’s one hell of a butler:


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