E9: His Butler, Serene


I wish I had something like that in my kitchen. 

It was hilarious watching the Phantomhive servants welcome their unwanted guests.  These guys know how to party, Finnian especially… It was a bit sad though, since I really liked Dagger.  I also liked Beast, but I’m not going to lie, I was just as jealous as Grell was. 


 But I definitely didn’t expect the doctor to be able to walk, though I already pretty much figured he was making the prosthetic limbs from real human bones.  It doesn’t change the fact that I was still disgusted with him.

Ciel’s past has come back to haunt him in the worst way, so I wasn’t too surprised when he told Sebastian to burn it all to the ground.  Though I do feel sorry for the kids…that he was supposed to save.  But it is what it is, I guess…


It’s a bit satisfying to see Ciel lose his composure for a moment, but the fact that this entire situation was enough to break him just proves how messed up it is.  

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