E1: The Girl Who Gathers the Remains


This was another anime I was excited to see return. 


Is this is the first time Akari’s done the Iron-Blood transformation?  I can’t remember if she did it before, but she looks AWESOME! 

Anyway, this time they’re up against Claudia, one of the eight heroes who has some of Emperor Gaz’s remains.  She proposed for them to battle, and if Chaika’s team wins, she’ll give them the remains.  However, Chaika’s been having a hard time dealing with Claudia’s short but effective incantations.


While Chaika practices shortening her incantations, we find out that her magic is driven by the memories and thoughts of living things.  The stronger those memories and thoughts, the higher the quality of the magic fuel, so Emperor Gaz’s remains would probably produce some pretty great fuel.  


Guy pays a visit to Vivi, and tells her that her transformation into Chaika was only halfway complete since the others stopped her.  He says she can still fulfill her role as a Chaika if she gathers the remains of the emperor.  Apparently, Guy isn’t just randomly informing people, he’s informing Chaikas.  He seems to know a lot about them, and I wonder what his role is.

So the transformation into a Chaika must be caused by powerful emotions, but if the transformation can be stopped, I wonder if it can be reversed? 


Chaika and the others are facing Claudia again, but now they have a time limit.  It really all boils down to whether Chaika can find a way to improve her defense and counter Claudia’s short incantations.  I think she can do it.

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