E10: For Whom to Duel


Saikyou forces Ratio and Nice to fight to the death.  If Ratio wins, he gets Suruga, the  Healing Minimum Holder, who can heal Birthday and Chiyuu, but then Hajime would die.  If Nice wins, he gets Hajime, but Suruga dies.  And why is she doing all of this?  Because she’s bored.  

I just don’t even…

Meanwhile, Shunichi is questioning Art’s motives.  


As much as I want to believe that Art was only doing all this so that he could somehow end up helping Nice in the end, I’m in the same boat as Shunichi.  There’s no telling what Art will do next, and now that Nice and the others are tired from all this running around, who is going to be able to stop him?

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