E11: Kill the Mad Scientist

Night Raid really knows how to party.  We come in at the end of a welcome back party:


And stumble into a pajama party:


Dr. Stylish is a very messed up character.  Not only does he experiment on criminals he tricked into becoming his slaves:


But he also ends up devouring his comrades just to try win against Night Raid.  Fortunately, the Queen returns to the castle along with two new allies:


His name reminds me of the Susanoo from Naruto, but his appearance reminds me more of this character:


I haven’t watched this yet, but in case you’re wondering, she’s Ririchiyo from Inu X Boku SS. 


We didn’t get to see this new member in action yet, but I bet she’s badass as well. 

In addition to gaining new members, they also regained an old one in a way when they recovered Sheele’s Extase.


Of course Dr. Stylish ends up being defeated by Night Raid.


Now they have one less Jaeger to worry about.   

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