E11: Let’s Rice


I’m not one to really pay attention to my surroundings 24/7, but I definitely would’ve noticed that.

As Sakura said, it is cute that Nozaki is serious about his job, and I honestly loved this idea but you have to wonder where he comes up with these things. 


This was probably the best surprise he thought up.   But I think the walk home with no surprises was something Sakura could’ve enjoyed the most if she had known it was going to be just a normal walk.

Speaking of taking his job seriously, I loved the second part.  It’s funny to see this:


Turn into this:


I also really liked seeing Hori like this:


Nozaki finally gets the guys to talk about relationships, and of course I was excited to see what Nozaki’s response about Sakura would be.  I mean I didn’t expect a confession or anything but I knew whatever it was, it would be hilarious.


I can’t even be mad about that. 

Hey, manipulating people for your own personal gain being a good host is a tiring task.

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