E12: Ego (Resolution)


It was interesting to find out that Art’s younger brother skill had the Ego Minimum.  I was sorry that Art wasn’t able to save him.

That being said, people were really messed up without their ego.


It seems Art and Nice remained unaffected though, so they had a showdown.


Art wanted to get rid of all minimums because he wanted to rid people of their egos, because he believed that’s what drove people to abuse Skill’s minimum and what drove him to kill Skill.  But as Nice points out, Skill was the one who gave Art his minimum, so rejecting that would be like rejecting the only thing he had left of his brother.  And as we can see, people are basically nothing without their ego.

So after it’s all said and done, the Ego Minimum is activated and everyone gets their minimum back.  But of course, after so much seriousness, there had to be some comic relief.


Honestly, I think it wrapped up a bit too quickly and neatly, but it’s one of the happier endings I’ve encountered so I’m not mad. 

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