E13: Kill the Nuisances

So Esdeath and the Jaegers have been ordered to exterminate the new man-eating Danger Beasts that have been harassing people.  Unfortunately, because of Bols’ appearance he is not thanked after saving two people.  So of course this is where Wave comes in and-

Sorry bro.

In any case, Run informs Esdeath that these beasts were originally human and may have even been Dr. Stylish’s experiments.  He tries to convince her that they are limited in number and that the problem will resolve itself, but she is curious as to whether they got loose or if someone let them out.

I don’t know why he’s surprised.  It was pretty obvious.

For once Night Raid’s goals coincide with those of the Capital, so they decide to take the night shift.  Again Chelsea comes in with the harsh truth, but Tatsumi counters her with his optimism…while his fly is down. 

Anyway, while they’re out hunting, Tatsumi discovers that Lubba was once a prince who was perfect at everything.

I love Tatsumi.  He is really not afraid to say anything. 

Also, we discover that Lubba is madly in love with Najenda.

Right there she reminds me a bit of Aruka from Blade and Soul:

Anyway, when they split up to see if they can find any of those beasts, Tatsumi runs into a different kind of trouble.

Reunited and it feels so good….

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