E14: Kill the Giant Danger Beast


So Esdeath and Tatsumi are transported to an island.  While Tatsumi sees this as an inescapable hell, Esdeath decides to treat it like a date.


2, Tatsumi, pick 2!

In any case, we learn a little more about Tatsumi and a lot more about Esdeath.  She obtained her “Survival of the Fittest” attitude from her father:


And her imperial arms is the blood of a Danger Beast, which usually drives the person who drinks it insane.  And of course, Esdeath drank the entire thing.


But neither of those things is what drove her to how crazy she is now.  Turns out, she’s just always been that way.


Realizing this disappoints Tatsumi, who had hoped to convince her to join them.


Honestly, I really hoped he could convince her too.  She may be really off, but I actually like Esdeath.  I mean she’s powerful, she’s intelligent, she’s daring, and she goes after what she wants with everything she has.  If she could use that power for good, she’d make a great ally.  Plus, let’s face it, she’s kind of adorable when she’s all over Tatsumi.


What I really want to know is who this guy is and what connection he had with Dr. Stylish, if any.

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