E15: Kill the Religious Organization


Finally, Najenda decides that Night Raid should take care of the Jaegers before anything else. 


I don’t know about that.  It’s easy to say you can take down people you had a connection to – even for a short time- without hesitation, but it’s another thing to actually do it.  Surprisingly, it’s not Tatsumi that I’m worried about.


As skilled and calm as Akame always is, the fact remains that Kurome is her sister.  Even Mine realizes that this battle will be tough for her.  Also, because Kurome looks so similar to Akame, it’s making Mine waver a bit.  Who knows if it will effect the other members of Night Raid as well.  To make matters worse, even though Night Raid has the numbers, Kurome and Bols aren’t going to take this lying down.


WIth Kurome’s ability to turn the dead into her puppets, things are already looking bad for Night Raid.  Hopefully they can find a way to defeat these two before Esdeath shows up.   

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