E16: Kill the Puppets


Kurome’s got a pretty powerful lineup of puppets, plus she has another one up her sleeve somewhere.  Unfortunately the only way to stop them is to kill her.


Esdeath, Run, and Seryu hit a wall of thieves.  Hopefully it’ll take them some time to tear it down, and Night Raid won’t have to worry about them for a while.


Apparently Bols and Akame used to be allies.  That makes it a bit harder for Akame, especially since Bols’ armor was designed to counter Murasame. 


As Night Raid faces Kurome’s puppets, they realize that Yatsufusa is not only powerful but a very sick Imperial Arms.  It’s much like the reanimation jutsu in Shippuden.  


Poor Wave.


Najenda allows Su to use his hidden ability “Madman” which draws on the life force from his master.  If used 3 times, the master will die, but this is only the first, and hopefully it’ll be all she needs.  


After getting rid of most of the puppets, Najenda, Su, Tatsumi, and Mine can focus on Kurome and Natala.  She’s not scared at all though, and she’s confident she can bring them all down.


Akame and Leone manage to outwit Bols and Wall but Bols has a last resort. 


Well, you know what they say.  If you can’t beat ‘em, make sure you drag ’em all to hell with you.

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