E17: Kill the Curse


They seem almost normal here….

At any rate, Bols tries to flee after the explosion but runs into Chelsea, and she doesn’t let him get away alive.


I actually felt pretty sorry for him.  I liked him a lot.  Though…I’m angry because I never got to see his face!!!

Anyway, with one down, Chelsea decides to go after Kurome, and asks Lubba to go back and send her some reinforcements.  She disguises herself as Bols to get close to Kurome, who is weak from using her Imperial Arms.  When she finds an opening, she takes it.


But you know an important character like Kurome can’t just die that easily.


Kurome is on a new drug that Akame had no knowledge of, and this one makes her much more powerful. 


I thought they were going to leave her body in the flowers but they decided to make a statement instead.  It’s ironic how she talked about Sheele and Bulat, but they lasted much longer than she did.  I still feel bad though, because I think if she had stayed I probably would’ve grown to like her more eventually.  But as a professional, she really shouldn’t have underestimated Kurome.


I think with each loss Tatsumi is becoming more and more aware of what he’s gotten himself into.  Still, how many losses will he have to endure throughout the rest of this series?

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