E19: Kill the Fate


Mine takes on Seryu and Coro, while Tatsumi deals with Suzuka, the last of the Four Rakshasa Demons.

The battle between Mine and Seryu was fierce.  I mean, we always knew Seryu was crazy, but I think this episode showcased that more than any other.  So I was glad when Mine dealt the finishing blow.  But of course, it’s never that easy:


Seryu has a bomb in her head, and since Mine’s weapon has become overheated, she has no choice but to try to make a run for it.  But with the severity of her injuries, she clearly can’t make it that far.


Luckily, Tatsumi finished off Suzuka and made it back in time to save her.  I’m glad that Sheele was avenged (and partially Chelsea too),  and that Mine didn’t have to die for it.  Although, she’s still throwing up flags so you never know.


With Borick dead, everything seems to be going as planned…so far.   But judging from the preview for the next episode, it looks like things are just getting started.

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