E2: A Wizard’s Pride


I was super excited to see Chaika Bogdan again.  But it seems she’s really done some thinking after running into Toru and the others.  She recognizes that at least Chaika’s objective of giving her father a funeral is clear and definitive, whereas she’s not quite sure how she’ll get revenge or all that really entails.  She hopes to gain the answers by gathering all the remains.  So far she’s only got one though, so she has a long way to go.


This guy’s just everywhere.  How does he even know where to find them?


Meanwhile, Chaika and the others are having a hard time with Claudia.  Even Frederica feels the need to step in.


In the end, the strength of Chaika’s emotions to save Toru (paired with Frederica being a decoy) helped her to win.  


Curren shows Vivi some of Gillette’s research on Chaika and Emperor Gaz, and encourages her to continue pursuing Chaika.  The way everyone is keeping Gillette’s belongings in order and even keeping the name of the group the same makes me think he’s probably not really dead and should return soon.  After all, Vivi’s fortune said that her undying love will save her loved one, and I’m assuming that’s him.


Claudia reveals that Emperor Gaz had a fortune.  They assume the wizard who took Gaz’s order (I’m guessing the one we saw last episode) took the fortune with him to the secret island.  I’m guessing that island is the one that Guy just told Chaika Bogdan about.


They visit the next hero only to find that Chaika Bogdan has already taken the remains from him.  Chaika, after having the dream about being beheaded and wondering who she is, wants to go to her father’s island to find answers.  I want to know too.  I mean, I have my own theories as to what she is, but I have nothing solid.  I think she and all the other Chaikas are all part of the “real” Chaika.  I think all of them were given the objective of gathering the remains not only so that the secret of Emperor Gaz’s techniques could be revealed, but also so that all the Chaikas could merge back into one and use that power for whatever purpose the real Chaika wants (or maybe for Guy’s purpose, I mean, really, who is he?).  But, since Vivi is only a half-Chaika, and Layla is dead, I have no idea what to think. It’s all just speculation, so I’m just as curious as Chaika.

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