E20: Kill the Carnage


For now, the Jaegers have been put on standby, which may be for the best.  They’re down three members, and Kurome doesn’t seem to be in very good shape.


Tatsumi and Lubba are supposed to support the Revolution Army’s break-in from within, along with those who oppose the Minister. 


At least that was the plan until they found out Shura killed all the resistance members.  He faces off against Lubba while Tatsumi deals with Budou.


Just when it looks like Lubba’s about to win, he gets Zhu Li’d by the woman who was supposed to be helping him.  Part of me understands that she was desperate to get her parents back.  However, the other part of me just wants to slap her, especially after it’s revealed that her parents are already dead.  All that for nothing….


Though they’ve killed Lubba, they plan to make an example out of Tatsumi.  Luckily (or maybe unfortunately?) Esdeath steps in.  Will she help Tatsumi escape or will she just make things worse?  

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