E21: Kill the Despair


Esdeath gives Tatsumi a chance to join her, but of course he refuses.  Am I the only one who felt a bit sorry when she looked so hurt at being rejected?  In any case, since she wasn’t able to convince him, she decides that she wants to be the one to kill him at his public execution.


Kurome sympathizes with Esdeath.  She loves Akame so much that she wants to be the one to kill her.  Unfortunately, it looks like she might die before she gets the chance. 


The remaining members of Night Raid show up at the public execution to save Tatsumi.  Mine barely manages to defeat Budou, but sustains serious injuries.  Susanoo sacrifices himself in order to allow the others to escape.  It’s funny that Esdeath remarks how the members of Night Raid are too compassionate, but she respects Susanoo as a warrior and not just as an Imperial Arms.  I know she’s really off, but I just can’t help but love her.


Unfortunately, Mine’s wounds are too severe.  But at least she gets the chance to confess to Tatsumi before she dies.  Honestly, I don’t think their relationship really had much time to develop, so I didn’t feel as much during this scene as I probably should’ve, but I am still sorry since I liked Mine a lot.  But with so many people dying, it makes me wonder who will be left at the end of this? 

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