E3: The Harbor of Phantom Dreams Recollected


After jumping through some hoops, Akari and Toru manage to get the remains from Clay Morgan.  They plan to pay a visit to Stephan Hartgen, the man who supposedly cut off Chaika’s head.  And he’s waiting for them.


Okay, if he did murder Chaika, why does he have two of them that he treats like daughters?  And these aren’t the only interesting characters he has under his belt.


Shin, who was very close to Akari and Toru, works for him.  He doesn’t seem to worried about fighting them either, although they are saboteurs so I guess that’s just how it goes.


I’m not surprised to see Gillette alive, I’m just wondering how the heck he got there.  But if Vivi’s fortune about saving him is true, she’ll probably end up here somehow.


Guy, however, wants them to go to the island where Gaz’s fortune may or may not be.  Guy has often given them useful information, but Toru and Akari are suspicious of him, and they have every reason to be.  What interests me most is when he says “How do you know I’m the same Guy you were talking to before?”  There are multiple Chaikas, so are there multiple Guys?  Or was he really just trying to change the topic? 


Chaika also wants to go to the island, but Toru thinks they should go after the remains.  Of course this results in an argument, and Toru and Akari end up leaving her with Fredrica.  Before Toru has the chance to make up with her, she’s off.


Just a loli on a dragoon with a huge gun and a coffin full of half her father’s remains, nothing to see here.


Toru and Akari go after them by boat, only to discover they have a few stowaways.  Well, at least things can’t get any worse.


Are you fucking kidding me?

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