E4: The Writhing Island


There was so much shocking truth in this episode, I’m just gonna get right into it.

The Kraken tells Chaika that she is a tool in Emperor Gaz’s grand scheme, and that the Chaikas hold the key to a chaotic future of destruction.  He mentions the Chaikas’ memories and emotions are very important, and seeing as though magic is fueled by memories, it makes sense that the Chaikas are tasked with gathering Gaz’s remains.


Izhmash reveals that Emperor Gaz never had a daughter.  The Chaikas are kidnapped orphan girls who had memories of being Gaz’s daughter implanted in them, and were each told to find the remains. 


Izmash plans to use parts of the Chaikas’ brains for his research in hopes to activate the “tool” (another girl) that Gaz left behind.  This would be a good time for Fredrica and Akari to show up.

My question is, if there were so many Chaikas, then who was the one that the heroes claim they saw beheaded?

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