E9: Kill the Battle Fanatic


This is an interesting group.  There’s Seryu and Coro, the bastards who deserve a painful death.  Mr. Stylish seems like he’s got a few tricks up his sleeve.  Kurome is hilarious and of course powerful.  Bols looks dangerous but seems nice and vice versa for Run.  I like Wave though.  He seems like he’ll probably end up being Tatsumi’s opponent in the future.    


Tatsumi’s the food and Esdeath is the hunter. 

It was great to see how much Tatsumi has improved.  Too bad it was cut short.  I knew Esdeath would fall for him but I definitely wasn’t expecting the collar.  I’ve watched enough anime to know where this is going…


Okay, maybe not there. 

But hopefully Akame and the others can think up a good plan while Boss is away.

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