E11: Cushion of Grass


A mushi-shi by the name of Suguro finds Ginko and lets him stay with him for a bit.  He teaches Ginko a few things about mushi, and advises him to keep moving so that he doesn’t cause disaster. 


There is a mushi called Tokoyami living in his left eye, and eating his memories.  Even though it’s a bit creepy, I kind of like how this looks.  But Suguro is the first one to tell him about the Tokoyami and seems to be the only mushi-shi so far that actually cares about Ginko.  The others used him to attract mushi so they could get paid to get rid of the them, and he earned money doing that.  Seeing Ginko now, I never thought he’d be the type to do that kind of thing, but he was young after all.


I knew as soon as he picked up the egg there was going to be trouble.  It’s like there’s a rule that if anything super valuable is picked up it is almost always dropped and broken, even if you’re usually not clumsy.     


I like the idea that we all belong here, but sometimes I know it can be hard to feel that way.  Glad to see this series again, and can’t wait for more.     

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