E12: Fragrant Darkness


Taking shortcuts almost never ends well in an anime….

At first it seems like there’s not much really wrong with Kaoru, but then he realizes he’s having very strong feelings of deja vu. 

SIDENOTE: Again, feel free to skip this.  I know we all get the sense every once in a while that we’ve done something before but…I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like I have levels of deja vu.  Most times it’s a very faint sensation and I’ll think “Oh, we had this conversation before,” then other times it’s a bit more noticeable and I’ll think “I don’t think we had this conversation before, but it feels familiar” and then I’ll have a really strong feeling of deja vu and I’ll think “Holy crap, I know for sure we never had this conversation but I definitely remember exactly what was said!”  Is that just me?


Ginko explains that he may have encountered a mushi called Kairou, which attracts its prey with the scent of flowers and warps its prey’s time into a loop.  In other words, he’s been living the same life over and over again…

Now it’s one thing to relive the same day over and over like some people:


But there’s something much creepier about living the same life over and over again.  Maybe because it’s such a long time span so it’s less noticeable?  I don’t know.  Either way, Ginko advises him not to enter the Kairou again, or he may become one with it.  So when he next encounters the Kairou, he walks away from it and I’m like “Finally, someone who listens!” I think there have been people who have listened to Ginko’s advice before but I feel like most of them just do what they want.  Anyway, things seem to go well for him, until:


Kaoru’s concerned that he may not be able to make it back before his wife dies.  But then he sees the Kairou again. 


Ginko says he’s never heard of anyone changing the past using the Kairou.  So won’t he have to relive this same moment over and over until he becomes one with the Kairou?  As sweet as it is that he wants to save her at the risk of becoming one with the mushi, part of me kind of wished he would’ve seen Ginko’s advice through to the end.  I don’t want her to die either but he said before that he had no desire to change the past and was eager to see the future.  But in the end, I understand his decision.  That’s why I love this series.  It really makes you think.   

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