E13: Lingering Crimson


Ginko finds Mikage alone in the woods, and helps her find her way back to her husband Youkichi.  They seem like your average bickering old couple, but lately Mikage has been leaving the house in the evening saying she’s going home. 


Youkichi explains that when he was younger he had a friend named Akane.  On the same day she disappeared, Mikage showed up.  Since Akane’s father couldn’t find his daughter, he took Mikage in, and eventually she married Youkichi.  But since she had no memory of her life before meeting them, Youkichi thinks she’s finally remembered and wants to go back to her old home. 


According to Ginko, if someone is engulfed by the Oomagadoki (“Great Witching Hour”) their shadow appears at dusk.  And if that shadow steps on someone else’s shadow or they step on someone else’s shadow, they switch places.  In other words, when Mikage stepped on Akane’s shadow, she took her place.  When Mikage remembers what happened, she is filled with remorse, but Youkichi loves her just the same. 

When Mikage passes, Youkichi sees Akane’s shadow.  She has refused to step on anyone’s shadow, and refuses him as well, but he steps on hers instead.


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