E14: Hidden Cove


A mushi called Kairogi allows Yura to send her thoughts to her former caretaker Sumi.  Yura is ill, and the only thing that comforts her is knowing that she has Sumi’s support.  But Yura’s father, feeling that her dependence on Sumi was hindering her rather than helping her sent Sumi away.


Ginko warns Yura that overuse of the Kairogi can lead to the Kairogi acting on its own and taking its host’s consciousness with it.  Eventually Yura’s consciousness could be lost forever.  But Ginko offers her medicine to immobilize it.


After receiving a letter from Sumi telling her to take care of herself, and unable to contact Sumi through the Kairogi since Sumi took the medicine, she decides to go see her in person.  But her condition and the Kairogi catch up to her and she passes out. 


She uses the Kairogi to call out to everyone for help and they eventually find her.  Of course Sumi comes to make sure she’s allright.  Yura agrees to take the medicine but says she’ll be lonely without Sumi.  Of course, Ginko always has the answer:


He suggests that Yura have one of the villagers take her by boat to see Sumi until she’s well enough to do so on her own. 


Eventually she ends up being able to do something herself, without relying on anyone. 

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