E15: Thread of Light


I think this is one of the few times where the problem is actually partially Ginko’s fault. 

When Gen was a child, his mother accidentally extracted too much of his ether from him, so Ginko wrapped him in a robe of ether made by his mother.  But now, he has too much ether, and he finds it difficult to control himself, which is why he’s so quick to fight when he’s angry. 


Ginko suggests allowing Gen to see his mother, since she was able to extract ether from him before.  But she has been just a shell of herself for the past two years.  She was exposed to so much ether from spinning the thread that she came under the mushi’s influence. 


Gen recognizes her as the “angel” he saw in the sky at home.  So they bring her back to their town, and she slowly regains consciousness. 


I’m glad things worked out. 

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