E5: The Emperor’s Fortune


The Chaikas team up in order to find their friends and escape.  Izhmash sends a crapton of fayla after them, so once everyone meets up they have no choice but to work together.


Chaika tries to take out the tower controlling all the fayla, but her gundo alone won’t do the trick.  Good thing she rescued Niva, who is apparently a weapon that only Chaikas can use:


After Chaika takes down the tower, David suggests they fight for the remains.  Toru points out that they might be playing right into Guy’s hands if they kill each other off, so the Bohdan team just decides to leave. Chaika is confused about what to do next, but Niva urges her to collect the remains.


What else does Niva know about Chaika and what more is she capable of?

For those who are interested about the origin of Niva’s name:Lada Niva

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