E7: Black Agenda


While sneaking into the castle, Akari and Toru find themselves fighting their mentor Shin.  Even though it’s two against one, he seemed to have the upper hand so they tactically retreat.  They both are pretty shaken up about it, but they don’t let it stop them.


Guy is working for Hartgen, who aims to start another war.  It’s strange to think that he and Toru may be similar.  Without war, they don’t feel they have much purpose.  


I love how Vivi and Nikolai are like “we’ll catch you as soon as this is over” and then proceed to exchange information.  Anyway, now they know that there are more Chaikas inside the castle that may be after the remains.  Little do they know, there’s yet another Chaika in there that wants to pit all the Chaikas against each other. 


Chaika is determined to gather the remains and finish this.  But with only so many episodes left, I’m not sure what’s going to happen.   

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