E8: The Bells of Contention


According to one of Hartgen’s old retainers, Hartgen is aiming to be the next Emperor Gaz.  The black Chaika seems to be manipulating him.


The black Chaika forces the other Chaikas to fight.  Vivi and Nikolai are pitted against Gillette.  Vivi is forced to make Gillette remember them the hard way, but at least he manages to regain his memory. 


Afterwards, Chaika Bohdan and Chaika Trabant face off.  Once David gets injured by Toru, Bohdan surrenders for his sake.  Honestly, I didn’t think she’d be one to give up so quickly, but I think she realized they couldn’t win against Trabant and Toru at the moment.  


Toru, upset after seeing what Shin has done to Akari and Fredrica, goes after Shin.  While he’s distracted, the guards grab Chaika.  Shin says if Toru gives them the remains, they’ll give Chaika back. 


What else does she have in mind? 

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