E2: The Creeping Unknown


It’s not even five minutes into the episode and she’s already getting on my nerves by writing a report on how Akane and Ginoza didn’t do their jobs properly.  Yayoi tries to calm her down, but the girl just won’t listen.  I am just waiting for her to get pwned. 


They interrogate Kitazawa who claims his hue stayed clear thanks to “him.”  Who is this guy, and how did he manage to keep his hue clear?


They are also looking for the missing Inspector Shisui who ran after shooting Inspector Yamatoya.  Her Dominator is still properly authenticated meaning that Sibyl approves of her actions.  However, seeing as though Kitazawa’s hue has stayed clear all this time, it’s not unlikely that she may also be doing illegal things even with a clear hue.  Akane suspects that the guy who helped him may have also been involved with Shisui’s case.   


Akane uses Togane’s background as a therapist and Hinakawa’s experience as a Holo designer to her advantage.  So not only has she improved her physical skills, but she’s learned how to utilize the strengths of her coworkers.  I’m impressed, and apparently so is Togane.


The hologram from the last episode was apparently way more sophisticated than it needed to be, and it was based off of what a girl who died 15 years ago would look like if she were still alive today.  Whoever made it must be really good with design and is probably very intelligent, so it’s not hard to believe that he may also be able to keep criminals’ hues clear.


Speaking of clear hues, Kitazawa’s crime coefficient decreased significantly.  Akane finds out he escaped, just after finding the same “WC?” on her wall that she saw at Shisui’s crime scene.


Apparently Kamui is the one pulling the strings here.


No, not that Kamui.


The “WC?” stood for “What color?” as in “What color is my psycho pass?”  Kamui had hoped that Akane would understand his message, but Aoyanagi shot Kitazawa so his efforts were all for nothing.  I understand why he might want to save people whose hues have become cloudy, but helping them commit crimes is another thing entirely. But we don’t have the whole story yet.  Why is he doing this? And will he ever approach Akane directly in the future?

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