E3: The Devil’s Proof

So, this guy, Kirito-


No, not that Kirito.


Kirito Kamui.  He’s the one who has been making people clear, and he has Inspector Shisui held hostage.  He promises to release her from Sibyl and help her remember her true self from long ago.  Somehow he lowered her Crime Coefficient…which was great because otherwise the Dominator would’ve killed her.  But I don’t understand how he did it, or why he wants to make the world clear.


After investigating Akane’s apartment and finding no evidence to support an intrusion, Shimotsuki starts to doubt her even more.  Ginoza seems a bit concerned for her as well, but Togane seems to have complete trust in her, despite not having known her for long.


Aoyanagi has an interesting conversation with the Fullmetal Enforcer Ginoza.  She says that she keeps a lid on her emotions, and she thinks that’s what makes her a good inspector.  But Akane doesn’t really keep a lid on her emotions, and she’s just as good.  So what does it really take to maintain a clear hue?


The Chief warns Akane to be wary of Togane, who apparently once had the highest Crime Coefficient on record.  I figured there was something strange about his complete faith in her.  Also this:


He talks like he knows her so well.  Does he know something we don’t?


Meanwhile, Kamui’s followers are stirring up trouble.  What does all of this mean?

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