E4: The Salvation of Job


Akane, Ginoza, and Togane decide to interrogate Masuda about Kamui.  But now of course he claims he doesn’t know him.  They eventually find that the device he was using to keep his hue clear is located at the mental care facility where Inspector Aoyanagi and several innocent people are trapped inside with a psycho Kamui follower:


He claims that Kamui helped him recover from Eustress Deficiency which apparently results in not being able to feel anything.  While most people believe it’s a rumor, the Chief hints that it may be very real.

Shimotsuki, not really sure of the situation inside decides to wait for a response from Inspector Aoyanagi before taking any action.


In other words, she’s standing there being completely useless.  So the Chief decides to get Division 3 on the job:


And their answer to the situation?  Kill everything with a high Crime Coefficient.  Unfortunately, this includes Inspector Aoyanagi.  I should’ve known that her opening up to Ginoza like that was a huge flag….


I think this episode definitely pointed out the flaws in the Sibyl system that we saw last season, where victims are judged as criminals just because of their high Crime Coefficients while these criminals who are somehow able to keep their hues clear aren’t seen as a threat.  If Sibyl can’t read your “true colors” so to speak, then it makes sense to ask what color are you?

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