E5: Unforbidden Games


Kamui seems fixated on bringing Sibyl to justice but I’m not sure he’s going about it the right way so far.


Akane definitely considers him a threat.  They found the place where they believe he is hiding, and though they’ve already sent drones, Akane wants to go investigate for herself. 



The one thing I can say is that at least she recognizes that Togane is a threat. 


They definitely find some creepy things that the drones missed.  This is starting to remind me of the TV series Hannibal…

Unfortunately, while Akane and Togane are investigating, the drones start going wild and attacking the workers.


The sad part is, the people killing them don’t even know they’re doing it. 


The drones are being controlled by Hungry Chicken (*cough cough* Angry Birds) players.  To make it even worse, one of the guys in Division 3 is on site playing the game. 

Speaking of games, apparently this guy isn’t Representative Masuda:


He’s just a creepy impersonator.  Who is he really?


Shimotsuki sneaks into Togane’s room and finds his unhealthy obsession with Akane.  He seems to be interested in the fact that her hue is always so clear.  What’s he up to?  More importantly, why did Shimotsuki think it was a good idea to go in by herself?  Rule #1, never go in alone, even when the owner is away.  The Chief’s right, she’ll definitely get eaten alive.  And when she does, I can’t say I’ll feel bad…

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