E11: What It Means to be Strong


Take your time.  She’s got all day.

It was fun to see Asuna intimidate the crap out of Chrysheight.  As much as Kirito’s always trying to protect his family and harem, they get concerned when he goes off and does stuff on his own.  Don’t worry girls (and Klein), he’s got backup!


If Asuna sees this…that will be entertaining.


So according to Kirito’s theory there are two Death Guns: one killing players in the game and the other killing them in real life.  And apparently, they go after people who live alone.  Like Sinon.  Who is now completely unconscious in her room and possibly at the mercy of some psycho.  

The thing is, even if the Death Gun in the game fails to kill Sinon, the DG irl could still be in her house when she logs out, and what would happen then?  Well, we don’t even know if he’s actually there so we’ll see how this pans out. 

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