E12: Bullet of a Phantom


Sinon is back!  She took out Dark Wind like he was nothing!  And she doesn’t just stop there.  She also manages to take out one of Death Gun’s weapons, even though it means losing part of her own in the process.


Or at least, I thought it was done…


It’s also a gun sword.

We also learn that his username, Sterben, is a German word for “death.”  More specifically:


I wonder if he knows that Kirito is playing GGO in a hospital?  But more likely it’s a reference to someone important to him that died in a hospital,  possibly due to heart failure, during or after the whole SAO incident.  But he is indeed one of the  LC members.  Unfortunately we don’t know his name because Kirito was so certain he’d never see him again.


There are moments when you feel like going back in time to high five yourself for something awesome you did.  And then there are times when you want to go back and punch yourself.

It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that DG seems to imply that Kirito’s theory about how he is killing people may not be completely right.  If that’s what he meant, then how is he doing all this?  More importantly, why?

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