E13: Phantom Bullet



Not that I wanted to see a battle between them at this point, but honestly, I thought there should be only one winner, even if it was Kirito. 

He finally did remember Red-Eyed Zaza though, so hopefully that will help the investigation along.  

But of course the party didn’t stop when they logged out.


I always whine and complain about how there aren’t enough male yanderes, but Shinkawa’s just…..messed up.  I mean throwing away a life that most people would give anything to have for a game?  Wow, okay then.

So when Asada starts fighting back, I thought she was actually going to save herself.  I was honestly hoping she would go to the drawer, take out the gun, and shoot him.  I mean she won BoB, she’s recognized her strength, this is gonna happen!  She’s gonna take him down and realize that she’s not only strong as Sinon, but as Asada!  Let’s do this!


Dammit Kirito, can’t you leave anything alone?! 

Well, it could still happen next episode, so we’ll see….

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