E15: Queen of the Lake


The Holy Sword Excalibur has been found, but no one has claimed it.  I think I understand why:


Anyway, Kirito wants to get his harem together and clear the dungeon to get the sword. 


At first I was psyched to find out what Sinon’s ALO outfit would look like but I forgot what kind of game ALO was.  I miss how badass she looked in GGO, but at the same time, I have to admit, the cat ears are cute.


Apparently, someone found a quest different from the one Kirito and Leafa found, and as a quest reward, an NPC showed them Excalibur.  The players have to kill a certain number of monsters to get the Excalibur.  But Klein points out that it’s a strange quest reward.  Maybe there’s something more to this. 


When the gang reaches Jotunheimr, they see players cooperating with the frost giants to defeat monsters like Tonkii.  They suspect it’s part of the strange quest they discussed earlier.  The Queen of the Lake, Urd, shows up and asks them to save the land from the frost giants.  Though she’s an NPC, Yui points out that she’s different from normal NPCs and that she’s artificially intelligent.     


Urd tells them that Jotunheimr was once like Alfheim, but the king of frost giants, Thrym, snuck into Jotunheimr from Nilfheim and put Excalibur at the bottom of the lake.  The sword ended up cutting them off from the Yggdrasil’s resources, which is why it’s grown so cold.  Thrym and his men are trying to kill all the animals to rid the hill giants of their power, so they can eventually rise to the top of Yggdrasil and get the golden apple.


So Urd and her younger sisters would like them to infiltrate Thrymheim, retrieve Excalibur, and essentially save Jotunheimr and the hill giants.


Let’s do this!!!!

Also, for those who are interested: Jotunheimr Wikipedia Article

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