E16: The King of the Giants


Yui points out that because ALO is based on Norse mythology, there’s a possibility that the entire World Tree will be burned down and the entire map will be destroyed….but let’s worry about that later.


They enter the dungeon and start going through monsters.  I was glad to see them all participating equally, but of course Kirito has to go and be badass.  Although, things don’t quite go as planned and the monster still has a bit of HP left. 

SIDENOTE: You can skip this because it really doesn’t matter, but I can’t stand this situation.  I will have a plan that I think is sure to work and I only have one more turn before I die, and so I use all the attacks I think will have the most damage but then the boss has like 10 HP left or something and then I have to start all over.  I also hate the reverse situation.  I will be in the middle of battle with less than half my HP and then the boss uses some extreme attack, so I think I’m dead, but then I realize I still have 1 HP but before it even registers that I’m still alive, I get attacked again and I die.  That’s part of why I can’t game too much.  I really just don’t have the patience and I get frustrated easily. 

Anyway, cue Asuna being badass:


I love it when someone other than Kirito gets to show off. 


Before they get to the boss, they run into Freyja and Klein gets it bad for her so of course he frees her (even though everyone else is almost certain it’s a trap). Now, I know nothing of Norse mythology, but according to the comments on Crunchyroll (comments are a valid source of information right?  right?)  Thor’s hammer gets stolen by the ice giants, and the king of the giants asks for Freyja in exchange for the hammer.  So Freyja refuses and since desperate times call for desperate measures Loki disguises Thor as Freyja.  Long story short, she really might be a trap.  Which of course makes me instantly think of this:


So they continue on to the boss’ room to face the king of the giants:


Hopefully they can make this quick, because they don’t have much time.  Also, Thrym and Freyja sound so familiar to me…anyone know the VAs?

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