E6: Those Who Cast Stones


Akane figures out that Kamui and Inspector Shisui are after the Dominators.  Knowing that Dominators can’t be used on inspectors, she urges the enforcers to leave. 


But of course they can’t abandon her.  They come up with a plan to lure most of the drones into one area, and finish them off. 


It works, and major props to Akane for luring them all there herself.  I have to admit though, I don’t think I’ve seen her be this reckless. 


Meanwhile, it’s revealed to the public that the game they were playing, “Hungry Chicken” was not just a game.  Of course the area stress levels rise, but at least they’ve stopped controlling the drones.


Togane is about to shoot Kamui and Inspector Shisui, but Akane, seeing something similar to Kogami in him, stops him.  I see how she might think they’re a bit alike, but for me Togane is nowhere near Kogami’s level.  And it’s a bit scary that he’s so eager to cloud her psycho pass.  While I have to admit I wonder how Akane would be if you flipped her switch, I enjoy watching her keep her cool while everyone else loses their heads. But I wonder what Kamui’s next move will be?    

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