E7: Untraceable Children


Akane is wondering why the Chief has not stepped in to help stop Kamui. She realizes that since the Chief seems so eager to be rid of Kamui that he must be a threat to Sibyl.  Though she has no problem with Akane arresting him rather than killing him, so either he’s not that big of a threat, or she may be working with Togane behind the scenes to make sure he’ll be eliminated. 


They found out that Kamui was the only survivor of the plane crash 15 years ago.  The holos he’s been using are the aged versions of the children involved in the crash.  Akane has Hinakawa make aged versions of all 185 children so that they can identify more holos.  It turns out that Akane and the others recognize a lot of the holos and that they are almost everywhere.


They find the doctor that treated Kamui.  He seems like he will be much more helpful than the last suspect they interrogated.  But why is it okay for him to tell them everything now?  What is Kamui planning to do?

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