E17: Excalibur


Kind of reminds me of what happens when you give Kawamura a tennis racket…..

Freyja transforms into Thor and helps the gang defeat the king of the giants.


I don’t know why, but that reminded me of this:


My mind works in mysterious ways….

With the boss defeated, the place starts to fall apart.  Luckily Tonkii comes to the rescue:


Since Excalibur is too heavy for Kirito, he decides to ditch it.  I thought “Yes!  For once, Kirito doesn’t get what he wants!” 


But you know, Sinon being new to his harem, she wants to score some brownie points, so she gets it for him.  Well, I can’t be mad.  He did work hard for it after all.


The gang receives a special thanks from Urd and her sisters, and the quest is officially completed. It was a pretty cool adventure, but now what?

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