E18: Forest House


Asuna, Kirito, and Yui manage to get their old home back.  I’m happy to see Yui normal-sized again.  She’s so adorable.


While Kirito and his harem are hanging out, they start talking about this player named Zekken.  Apparently, he’ll fight anyone who challenges him, and if they win, they get an Original Sword Skill with an 11-hit combo.  Kirito already lost to him (of course he wasn’t fighting “for real” but whatever).  Kirito doesn’t believe Zekken is a former SAO player, but apparently they did speak during the match.  Hopefully Asuna can find out what they were talking about.  


Am I the only one who kinda wanted to see that sylph account?!?!  Either way, I can’t wait to see her battle.

While she didn’t talk about it, it seems she may be pushed into an arranged marriage sometime soon.  I wonder what will happen between her and Kirito then. 

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