E19: Zekken


While I’m not a big fan of Asuna’s mom, I have to admit she makes some good points.  Plus, maybe it’s just me, but she’s not half as rude as the typical dream-killing mother in other anime. 

It’s true that it could hold Asuna back a bit if she were to marry someone poor, but being married to someone you don’t love would be even worse. And she does say that Asuna doesn’t have to marry Yuuya, so it’s not as if Asuna couldn’t find a decent rich guy if she wanted to.  At the same time, it’s not all about money.  Kirito seems like a very intelligent and charming person.  He’s not rich right now, but his future could be very promising. But I’m not a parent, and I’m super biased because I’m all for KiritoxAsuna, so I can’t criticize her when I have yet to be in that position myself.  But either way, it’s clear that Asuna is determined to do what she wants.  It is her future, after all.


 I think it’s important that she thinks she’s only strong online.  I don’t know about you guys, but I am way more outgoing and expressive online than I am irl, so this really stuck out to me. I’d really like for her to realize that she can be equally strong in both worlds, because I think a lot of times our online personalities very much represent who we really are.  She couldn’t be a legendary warrior in SAO if she didn’t possess that same courage somewhere deep inside irl.  So I’m hoping to see her grow in the outside world.


After an intense battle, Zekken (aka Yuuki) asks for Asuna’s help. I love Kirito, but I’m hoping this will be a mission where Asuna gets to save the day for once.

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