E24: Mother’s Rosario


Even though I knew it was coming, it didn’t hurt any less. 


What really gets me is the Shiun feels so guilty about recovering.  But given Yuuki’s parting words, I think she would want all of them to lead long lives if possible.  As much as I usually like avoiding sad things, I’m glad that Sword Art Online did take a look at this.  We often immerse ourselves in anime to look away from reality, but we have to face it eventually, I say while writing my 6th anime review and praying that Monday never comes….


But even after all this craziness, though both Asuna and Kirito have changed, their love for each other (and Yui) has stayed the same, and maybe even strengthened in a way.  But Kirito brings up a good point about the line between reality and the virtual world.  Even irl, technology is evolving at a fast pace.  Right now, all we have to do is turn off or unplug or look away from our electronic devices and we’re back in reality.  But what will happen as technology continues to advance?   Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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