E1: Caught in Her Own Trap


I’m kinda newish to the shoujo genre, but since I loved Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii and Nozaki, I figured, meh, why not?

Our heroine Erika is desperate to make new friends, as we all were at her age.  But when she gets to class it seems like everyone already knows each other.  Still, she manages to make herself fit in with two other girls by lying about having a boyfriend.


Luckily for me, I’m a terrible liar, so I had to earn my friends the old fashioned way.  But after talking about nothing but boyfriends, wouldn’t you kind of figure maybe these aren’t the type of people you should be hanging out with?  At this point, I wouldn’t even care what they thought of me, I’d just ditch them and find more friends like San-chan, who was kind enough to let Erika run up her phone bill just to keep her lies going.  I understand not wanting to being alone, but having terrible friends can be much much worse.

In any case, the girls are catching on to the fact that Erika doesn’t actually have a boyfriend, so a lot of things happen and she convinces this guy to pretend to be her boyfriend.


Sweet as he looks, Kyoya Sata is a jerk looking for a pet to boss around, and he’s found his pet in Erika.


Well, at least one truth came out of all of this: He really is a sadist.

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