E1: The Princess Yona


So far Hak and Soo-Won are both 100/10 on my hot scale, so now I’m feeling a little less upset that Free! ended.  But I totally didn’t start watching this for the reverse harem. *hiccup*

Anyway, Yona really has an interest in her cousin Soo-Won.  However, since whoever marries her is next in line to be king, her father disapproves.  As current king, he knows very well the hardship of having people after your life, and he doesn’t want Soo-Won to have to suffer through that.  Plus, as we saw in the little contest between Hak and Soo-Won, Hak seems much more suited for combat.


We find out Soo-Won has only been treating Yona like a child because he has feelings for her as well, and he-


is a cold-blooded murderer who killed Yona’s father. Okay then.  I have to admit, I didn’t get suspicious until he told Hak to keep an eye on people leaving and entering the castle.  In any case, before his guards can kill Yona, Hak comes to her rescue.


 I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that glare…

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