E2: A Rash and Blind Act


Even though Erika’s the one who asked Kyoya to pretend to be her boyfriend, it seems like their relationship is more advantageous for him than it is for her.  So she takes San-chan’s advice and tries to find a real boyfriend.


The cute and caring Kimura shows up, and saves her from a tribe of pathetic jealous Kyoya fangirls, and Erika starts to fall hard.


Honestly, the fangirls got on my nerves.  “It’s an unspoken rule that even though all of us want him, none of us can have him.” What kind of crap is that?  At least have some class like Sonoko:


At least her reasons for not wanting Seiya and Usagi together were legitimate.

Speaking of jealous, Kyoya definitely doesn’t approve of Erika going out with some other guy behind his back.


Possessive.  I like it.

But Kimura seems like a nice guy, and Erika wants a boyfriend, not an owner, so she goes out with him anyway.  They have a nice time, but when she reveals that she’s not really dating Kyoya, well…


He really just wanted to get back at Kyoya for “stealing” away his gf (who, btw, was the one who dumped him to chase after Kyoya).  Turns out, Kyoya had pretty much figured Kimura was up to something, and had followed them.  Kimura was about to be let off the hook, but then he made Erika cry.


Kyoya may be a sadist, but he does have a heart in there, somewhere.  So usually, I expect a guy like this to say something along the lines of “I only did it because he was getting on my nerves” but this guy is a little different.


It’s only the second episode and we have verbal confirmation that he maybe kinda somewhat halfway cares about her.  This is moving much faster than I anticipated.  I usually don’t get stuff like this until the very last episode.

Joking aside, I was pretty surprised that he said that out loud.  But like I said, I’m new to this.  Still, I’m not quite sure if it’s queue worthy.  Guess I’ll have to keep watching.  😀     

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