E3: A Precipitous Drop


After summer break ends and everyone goes back to school, Kyoya hasn’t shown up.  It turns out he’s sick, so Erika goes to take his work to him.  Since he really seems out of it, she tries to take care of him. 


But, of course, he tells her to go home.


She shows up the next day anyway.  Since she now knows that his Dad works late and his mom doesn’t live with him, she’s decided to stick around regardless of what he says.  So he finally gives in and lets her nurse him.  San-chan’s right though, she really is M…


As much as Kyoya tried to assure Erika that he’s used to his family situation, his dreams clearly show us otherwise. I don’t want to say he has mommy issues, but that may be the reason he has trouble accepting Erika’s kindness and the reason he runs through girls the way he does. 


But when he realizes that Erika doesn’t have any ulterior motives, he actually expresses his gratitude.  That’s the thing I like about Kyoya.  He may be a jerk, but he is still a gentleman at some level.  


Erika realizes she’s fallen for Kyoya, and San-chan encourages her to go for him.  San-chan is like the Tomoda of this series.  


 Anyway, it seems like Kyoya likes her too.


Well…kinda.  I also think losing his dog might be another reason he’s afraid to get close to people.  Maybe his dog was the only one he ever really had a good relationship with, and since Erika herself claimed to be his dog, he’s starting to open up to her more.  So she decides to take advantage of the opportunity.


Not only did she realize her feelings, but she acted on them, and this is only episode 3.  I like that it didn’t take forever to get to the point, and I think it was really gutsy of Erika to confess.  But of course, things are never that easy.


Kyoya basically tells her it’s all in her head.  Really, he’s trying to hide the fact that he’s afraid of getting abandoned again, and I understand that.  But at least be a man and tell her it’s you, not her. 


I’m pissed.  Those apple-pears belong to San-chan.

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